Doughnuts are kids’ favourite dessert.


  • Doughnuts are loved by kids and adults, alike.
  • You can easily make doughnuts at home too.
  • Here are some doughnut recipes you can try.

It’s not just kids who love doughnut, we love it too. If the colourful sprinkling and attractive shape of doughnut attract kids, we instantly fall for its melt-in-mouth sweet and luscious taste. Doughnut is the best bakery item there is and it would be a crime to not try it at all. And, if you want to make it at home for your family, we’ll help you through it. Doughnuts can be made in different flavours; make your pick from this list and treat your loved ones with this decadent.

You can bake doughnuts to get fluffy and airy doughnuts or just fry them if you don’t have oven at home. Making doughnuts is as easy as any other dessert you have been making at home. Here are some doughnut recipes to suit your taste and cooking preference.

5  Types Of Doughnuts You Can Make At Home

1. Basic Doughnut

If you have never made doughnuts before, it’s better to take baby steps to master the baking process. Start with making basic doughnut with the light flavours of cinnamon, milk, butter, eggs, nutmeg and a pinch of salt.

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2. Chocolate Doughnut

This one is kids’ favourite. You don’t have to always go out to treat them with chocolate doughnut. Make these delicious doughnuts dipped in velvety chocolate at home.

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Chocolate dipped doughnuts are delicious.

3. Doughnut Peach

This flourless doughnut is literally peach – in look and in taste. The fruit of peach is used as doughnut and mixed with almonds, brown sugar and lime zest. The fruit doughnuts are dipped in raspberry sauce, which turn out to be astoundingly tasty.

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4. Noodle Keema Doughnut

For those with missing sweet tooth, this savoury doughnut recipe is perfect. Doughnut made of minced meat, noodles, filo pastry, and spices makes for a perfect evening snack. Do try it out.

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5. Eggless Doughnut

You don’t eat eggs? Don’t let it stop you from enjoying this heavenly dessert. Make doughnuts without eggs with dough kneaded with all-purpose flour (maida), sugar, butter, dry yeast and milk. To make it taste better, top it with chocolate and colourful sprinklers and enjoy!

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You can make eggless doughnuts and add your own flavours and toppings. 

When you are bored of making cakes, ice creams, Indian sweets, and other desserts, make doughnuts to add variety to your desserts menu.

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