• McDonald’s and KFC gave us the best burgers ever.
  • TikTok user combined the famous burgers of Big Mac and Zinger burger.
  • McZinger burger hack amazed many internet users.

McDonald’s Big Mac or KFC’s Zinger burger – can’t decide between the two signature burgers? Don’t worry; this viral TikTok video will suggest the perfect way to satiate your craving for both your favourite burgers. TikTok user @cheetahheater combined the best elements of the two burgers and created a never-seen-before mashup and named it McZinger. This burger hack instantly won over the internet, leaving many users befuddled and wondering – why they did not think of this simple yet innovative burger ‘switch’ before?!

We all love the soft burger buns of Mc Donald’s and their out-of-the-world sauce concoction, which still remains a mystery. On the other hand, KFC gives us the perfectly crispy and crunchy chicken filling that makes their Zinger burger what it is. So, the TikTok user brought Big Mac and Zinger burger together, and replaced the McDonald’s burger patty with KFC fried chicken and created the one and only McZinger burger. There you have it, Big Mac burger and all its yummy condiments, with crispy KFC chicken inside. Pure genius!

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The viral TikTok video of McZinger burger drew reactions from several amused foodies. Comments like “This is actually a good idea from TikTok for once, “Why have I not thought of this?” and “”Literally what everyone wants”, started pouring in. One user also commented “You’ve broken the system.”

Now, this McDonald’s and KFC fusion burger may not go down well with some people who are staunch fans of just one of the two popular burger brands. But, others like us, who love both of them, are definitely going to try this combination. Will you?

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