Mira Kapoor's Chocolate Cake Had This Surprise Vegan Element. Can You Guess?

Mira doesn’t shy away from displaying her foodie side on social media

With over 2.2 million followers on Instagram, it would be safe to call Mira Kapoor a social media sensation. Mira Kapoor, who married actor Shahid Kapoor in the year 2015, doesn’t shy away from displaying her foodie side on social media. She often posts pictures and stories of her outings at various restaurants around the country and abroad. Now when the entire nation is under a lockdown, Mira Kapoor has been doing a lot of cooking and baking at home and the drool-worthy pictures can really take a bunch of us by surprise and awe.

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Take for instance, this photo chocolate cake that she shared on her Instagram story this Wednesday. Would you believe the decadent looking chocolate cake (picture inset), covered in moist chocolate ganache is made with no eggs and packs a vegan-favourite ingredient too! And no we are not talking about any vegan flour, we are talking about a green veggie that is a treasure of nutrients. Mira Kapoor’s chocolate cake comprised goodness of zucchini, a summer squash that has become a rage in the vegan world. Zucchini is used to replace pasta and rice, and now it is one of the ingredients in cakes too.

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“Yup. And It Was Amazing”, Mira captioned the image. In her following story, she wrote, “You seriously cannot taste the zucchini. Love this hack” We wonder which hack was she talking about. Are there some foodie experiments you did in the lockdown and are proud about, do write to us in the comments below!

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