A mother came up with a dal glossary for her son.


  • The names of various lentils or Dals can often be tough to remember
  • A mother made a Dal Glossary or map for her son
  • The image was widely circulated on social media

Is Toor Dal the one used in Sambhar? What is the difference between Moong Dal and Urad Dal? Which dal do we use to prepare Dal Makhani? All these questions and more often enter the minds of beginner cooks. The innumerable varieties of Dals available in various regions of the country and the dishes they are prepared with can often be a labyrinth to navigate. A mother found an easy solution to this dilemma faced by her son as to the various kinds of Dals and their names. Take a look:

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The picture was shared on Twitter by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra. According to his tweet, the mother prepared this ‘Dal Glossary’ for her son who was about to get married soon. There were small samples of various dals pasted with tape in a notebook, and alongside these Dals, their names were written by hand. The picture showed Moong, Masoor, and Dal Maash among others.

The interesting idea got Twitterati surprised with how easy it was to keep the names of lentils handy and learn them by heart. In fact, this chart made it unnecessary to even remember the names of the Dals. Reactions poured into the tweet, with people commending the effort of the mother to help out her son. Some said that this chart should be made irrespective of gender, as many girls don’t know the names of Dals as well. Take a look:

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