• Chicken kebabs are some of the most popular snacks across India
  • Chicken gilafi kebab is a seekh kebab with a gilaf which means ‘cover’
  • Here is how you can make it at home

Let’s just agree that a lovely platter of juicy kebabs is a great crowd-pleaser. In fact, for a chicken lover, a platter of snacks is perhaps incomplete without some soft and succulent kebabs in it. Seekh kebabs, shami kebabs or malai kebabs, one can never have enough of these delectable kebabs on the table. The sheer variety of chicken kebabs makes us drool and crave even more!

The word kebab is derived from the Arabic word ‘Cabob’, which means to burn or char. It indicates the smoky, char-grilled texture that can easily get us hooked. With a melt-in-mouth texture and aroma, no wonder kebabs are one of the most popular grills around the world. Pair them with some lovely mint chutney and you are in for a delightful meal. While you might have eaten some of the most common chicken kebabs, including seekh kebabs, Peshawari kebabs, tangdi kebabs, or shami kebabs at every north Indian restaurant, you’ll be glad to know that you can make them at home too!

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Chicken gilafi kebab is a unique type of seekh kebab that is mostly seen in restaurant menus. But did you know that you can make this utterly delicious kebab at home as well?! Seekh kebabs are made using minced or ground meat, marinated with spices and skewered over iron rods, and cooked on charcoal, either in a barbeque or clay tandoor. One can cook it in the oven too. Chicken gilafi has a covering (or gilaf) chopped vegetables over the cylindrical-shaped minced meat and this chicken gilafi is a seekh kebab with covering.

Chicken Gilafi Kebab Recipe:

In this recipe of chicken gilafi kebab, all you need is a juicy mix of chicken, spices, chillis, cream and onion along with nuts like cashews and almonds, ground to a mince. The mince is then wrapped in a mix of chopped veggies like onion, capsicum and coriander leaves, and baked to perfect succulent kebabs in about 10 minutes! You can even wrap them in a chapatti or paratha for a wholesome chicken kebab roll!

Find the full recipe of chicken gilafi kebab here. Serve them with some onion rings and mint chutney.

You can make these kebabs at home in about 30 minutes and impress your friends and family at the next dinner party.

Try this recipe at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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