Watermelon Lemonade - A Hydrating, Immunity-Boosting Drink You Can Easily Make At Home (Recipe Video)

Watermelon lemon drink is extremely hydrating.


  • Watermelon is an extremely nutritious fruit.
  • Watermelon and lemon juice make for a great immunity-boosting drink.
  • Watch the recipe video to make it at home.

Watermelon juice is the best drink we can have while the fruit is still in season. Watermelon is sweet, extremely juicy, and with its high water content, it is quite hydrating. And, let’s not forget all the health benefits a glass of watermelon juice can provide. Add some vitamin C-rich lemon to it and we’ll get a wholesome immunity-boosting drink that is also perfect to quench our thirst. For a typical tropical vibe, drink it straight from the watermelon with a straw. Vacation feels!

Chef Raji posted the recipe video of watermelon lemonade on her YouTube channel ‘Beyond Dining Co by Chef Raji’. She showed an easy way to take out watermelon flesh with the help of an ice-cream scoop¬†without cutting the watermelon rind all the way. Remember, we need the watermelon shell to fill it with lemonade later.

When you have the watermelon flesh, pass it through a sieve or remove its seeds by hands and put the watermelon pieces in a blender or mixer/grinder. Add some sugar, salt and lemon juice, and blitz it all to get lump-free juice. Now, pour back the juice in the watermelon shell, add some lemonade and mint leaves. Decorate it with some lemon wedges, and sip on it with a straw while enjoying the breezy weather of the monsoons. It’s a great idea to make kids have this healthy watermelon drink. You and your family will love this sweet and sour immunity-boosting drink. Do give it a try.

Watch the recipe video of watermelon lemonade –

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