These weird food combinations range from interesting to disgusting.


  • Bizarre food combinations are found across the internet
  • A Twitter poll asked users to name their favourite food combinations
  • The combos ranged from weird to interesting and unique

The internet never ceases to amaze us, especially when it comes to creativity in terms of food. A plethora of bizarre and unique dishes have emerged online which give an interesting and unique spin to traditional preparations. Whether it is an ice cream dosa, or instant noodles with chocolate spread – there is no dearth to the number of innovations that netizens can concoct, although the results may be seriously questionable. A recent tweet asked netizens to comment with the ‘weird’ food combos that they enjoy. Take a look:

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The tweet by user @xsaminaa got a number of responses from users all over the world. Netizens poured in the most bizarre combinations that they swear by, while others poured in their disbelief at the foods. Some of the most eccentric answers to the poll include Biryani with mayonnaise, instant noodles with ketchup, strawberry with pizza and chips with dal chawal. Take a look at the responses:

While some combinations were absolutely abhorred by netizens, others expressed their interest in trying some others. Do you have some weird foods you love eating together too? Tell us in the comments below!

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