High Protein Diet: This Spinach And Oats Pancake May Work Wonders For Weight Loss

Spinach is packed with iron, vitamin A, C and K besides protein.


  • A high-protein diet is an essential one for our body
  • Breakfast is one of the most important meal of the day
  • Here is a high-protein pancake recipe to try for your next breakfast

With the onset of National Nutrition Week amid a pandemic, there is no better time to have a conversation around a healthy diet. The week is celebrated to bring the focus on nutrition for better health. And it’s the best time to stress upon the fact how eating breakfast regularly can go a long way for a healthier life. As per health experts, a protein-packed breakfast can work wonders for our body. Not only does eating a high-protein breakfast everyday refuels our body for the rest of the day but also boosts metabolism and helps in weight loss.

A protein-rich breakfast keeps you full till lunchtime and keeps you away from munching on anything greasy that comes your way. Protein helps regulate the hunger hormone ghrelin, which checks your cravings. And while animal-based proteins are quite popular, you would be surprised at the variety of plant-based proteins one can find. Spinach, for instance, is packed with iron, vitamin A, C and K besides protein and is hailed for its high nutritive value and weight loss properties.

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Here we have a quick and easy spinach pancake recipe that comes with protein-rich oats along with the goodness of walnuts and milk. All you need is to blend all the ingredients together into a batter; cook the batter into pancakes and serve them with crunchy walnuts and cottage cheese and honey on the top!

Click here for the full recipe of protein-rich spinach and oats pancake.

Try it at home for your next morning meal and share your experience in the comments section below.

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