It wasn’t too long ago when for a majority of people abroad, jackfruit happened to be mystery tropical fruit with tons of spikes. Things are slightly different now, and our dearest ‘kathal’ is making waves across the world for its unique texture. As more and more people are turning towards plant-based diet, jackfruit  is being seen as one of the most popular ‘meat alternative’ partly because the unripe fruit’s texture is chewy like that of pork. It is not only helping the transition easier for former meat-eaters but is also being re-imagined in avatars that are taking everyone by surprise. From pizza toppings to burger patties, jackfruit has found an enviable fan base.

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The sweet smelling, spiky strong fruit was in the headlines recently when a family in Kerala found a 51 Kg jackfruit in their backyard and notified the Guinness book of World Records. The global demand of jackfruit has increased immensely in the west. Varghese Tharakkan a jackfruit farmer in Kerala told AFP, “there are a lot of enquiries coming from several countries. They have started understanding the demand for jackfruit. Every day there are calls from people around the world, asking whether container full of jackfruits can be sent. So at the international level, the demand in jackfruit is definitely increasing.”

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