Krishna devotees around the world are celebrating the festival of Janmashtami today (August 11, 2020). This year, some people would be observing it on 12th August as well. Also called Gokul ahstami, the festival commemorates the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna. Hindus across globe mark this day in their unique ways. However, fasting, swinging Krishna Gopal on ‘jhula‘ and offering him bhog are few of the most common rituals among all. On the day of Janmashtami, the devotees wake up early and prepare delectable dishes for their beloved deity, with a wide variety of sweets being a major highlight in the spread. Some of the traditional sweets include makhan misri, malpua, laddoo et al.

We bring you a peanut laddoo recipe that can help you whip up a healthy and yummy sweet treat for the festive fare, in just 30 minutes. What makes the recipe special is the inclusion of just two nutritious ingredients- peanuts and jaggery. All you need to do is, mix the two together and make small roundels out of it.

Here’s The Step-By-Step Recipe For Peanut Laddoo:


One cup unsalted peanut

One cup jaggery


Step 1. Dry roast the peanuts till you get the perfect crunch. Make sure you do not burn the peanuts.

Step 2. Bring the peanuts to room temperature and gently rub them to de-skin. Keep them aside.

Step 3. Grate or break the jaggery into small pieces and add to a thick bottom pan (or kadhai).

Step 4. Keep the pan on medium to low flame and pour some water (less than half cup) to it.

Step 4. Stir continuously till the jaggery gets dissolved and thickens to form syrup.

Step 5. Add the roasted peanuts to it and mix everything well.

Step 6. Transfer the mix to a bowl and cool it a bit so that it is easy to handle.

Step 7. Now make round laddoos out of the mix and let them cool before serving.


You may grind the roasted peanuts before mixing with the jaggery syrup.

You may also add some cardamom powder to the mix to enhance the flavour.

So, prepare this peanut laddoo today and make the celebratory feast guilt-free.

Happy Janmashtami 2020!

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