Readers voted for their favourite childhood desserts.


  • Readers of NDTV Food voted on Instagram for this poll
  • They told us their favourite dessert that reminds them of childhood
  • We rounded up the top 21 Indian desserts voted by our readers

Be it a scrumptious bite of Rasgulla or a decadent slurp of Kulfi Falooda – Indian desserts have a special place in our heart. Apart from the fact that they are luscious and make for the perfect sweet treat, there’s also an important association that they have with our childhood. These are desserts that have seen us grow up from tiny toddlers to mature adults – with absolutely no change in our feelings for them, of course. Just the idea of tasting these delectable dishes makes us fondly remember our childhood days and leaves us with an aftertaste of happy, blissful memories.

In a poll, we asked NDTV Food’s Instagram family to name the one dessert that reminds them of childhood without mentioning their city. Followers got nostalgic as they reminisced on their childhood food memories while sharing their ultimate comfort desserts. We’ve rounded up the 21 most commonly mentioned Indian desserts that reader’s responded with.

Here Are The Top 21 Indian Desserts That Take You Back To Childhood, According To NDTV Food Instagram Poll:

1. Jalebi

Swirls of batter fried till crisp and coated in sugar syrup, this sweet treat is one which is a hit with all age groups.

2. Rasmalai

Juicy and sweet, Rasmalai holds a special place in our childhood memories, and thus made it to the list.

3. Rasgulla

The less creamy cousin of Rasmalai, the widely popular Indian dessert Rasgulla needs no introduction.

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4. Gulab Jamun

There is love for Gulab Jamun, and then there’s everything else. So many of us has devoured this gorgeous delight on cold winter nights!

5. Sewaiyan

Crispy thin vermicelli with lots of sugar – this dessert spells indulgence with every bite and is the ultimate comfort food for many.

6. Kheer

As soon as festive season begins, every child eagerly awaits the preparation of this creamy rice pudding at home. It can also be made with sago or sabudana. 


7. Basundi

Condensed milk is boiled and reduced to make a luscious milk pudding which cannot be had enough of. This dessert is widely popular in Gujarat and Maharashtra.

8. Milk Cake

Speaking of milk and its products, how could we not remember this humble Indian sweet? Solidified and reduced milk makes this barfi-like sweet a must-have.

9. Adhirasam

A traditional sweet dish made with rice flour and jaggery, Adhirasam is crispy from the outside and soft on the inside.

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10. Kulfi Faluda

Refreshing kulfi paired with rubbery, gooey Faluda makes for a memorable sweet delight always.

11. Kalakand

Another one from the reduced milk category, Kalakand is a gooey dish which spells delicious with every bite.

12. Halwa

A number of halwas made it to the list of childhood favourites, be it the winter-special Gajar Halwa or even a simple wheat halwa.

13. Shrikhand

Creamy and luscious, Shrikhand is made with a number of flavours and oozes indulgence and comfort from its every pore.

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14. Sheer Khurma

A similar pudding to Kheer, which uses vermicelli instead of rice but still has a whole new range of flavours that come with it.

15. Chenna Poda

The Chhena Poda or ‘roasted cheese’ is from Orissa and has a special place in the hearts of many people.

16. Barfi

Whether it is the decadent chocolate barfi, or the comforting besan one – Barfi is associated with many fond memories.

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17. Laddoo

This classic Indian desserts has so many regional varieties such as Boondi, Lauki, Gondh and Bhadura.

18. Laapsi

Also known as Sheera, this dish is made with a combination of broken wheat pieces, ghee, jaggery and dry fruits.

19. Doodh Pak

Why eat just a dessert, when you can pair it with something savoury like soft, fluffy pooris? Doodh Pak is a kind of rice pudding made with milk, rice, saffron and nuts.

20. Panjeeri

Crumbly Panjeeri is made with lots of ghee, sugar and whole wheat for a combination that truly is melt-in-the-mouth.

21. Malaiyo

If you love all things creamy, you would definitely love to try Malaiyo which is a sweet winter delight made with cream and milk.

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