Here is an easy recipe to make atta biscuits at home.


  • Make homemade biscuits with healthier whole wheat flour.
  • You can make these atta biscuits in just on hour.
  • Here is an easy recipe to help you make it at home.

Even with the lockdown restrictions easing down, the danger of Coronavirus is still looming large. And, we are continuing making our best efforts to stay safe, including avoiding outside foods, at least those foods that can’t be heated or cooked further. We may have stopped buying cooked meals from restaurants and stores, but we can’t really do without biscuits to go with our daily cup of tea. Be it bed tea in the morning or evening tea, we need a biscuit or two to add some crunch to our tea-time meal.

Atta biscuits – because atta is better than maida:

Agreed, you can’t go without biscuits but you can stay safe by making them at home. And, in the process, make them healthier too by using whole wheat flour (atta) in place of all-purpose flour (maida). Maida is a highly refined flour with low nutritive properties. It is also blamed for increasing weight and causing digestion issues and acidity. While we are switching to brown rice and brown bread these days for a healthier diet, why not go for brown biscuits too?

This crunchy atta biscuit is made with simple ingredients found commonly in our kitchen – atta, sugar, butter and cardamom (elaichi). Now, remember you are making these biscuits yourself, so you have the liberty to make it however you want. You can replace refined sugar with brown sugar or jaggery (gur) or honey, or skip adding any sweetener and make it sugar-free.

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Whole-wheat and white flours are different in terms of their nutritional value

How to make atta biscuits at home:

First, let us inform you that it is surprisingly easy to make at home. The recipe will make you wonder why everybody even buys biscuits from stores that are laden with preservatives and artificial colouring and flavouring agents. You just need to put in one hour once to make a large batch of biscuits and store them in an airtight container.

Here is an easy chef-special recipe of atta biscuits.

This recipe will let you make your own homemade biscuits in few simple steps. You need an oven to make the perfectly baked biscuits that you can eat guilt-free and fear-free.

Happy baking!

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