Cheesy Baked Eggs recipe is one of Prince Charles’ personal favourites.


  • British Cheese Weekender was celebrated from 8th to 10th May
  • Prince Charles’ favourite recipe for cheesy baked eggs was revealed
  • The recipe uses two kinds of cheese, eggs, spinach and cherry tomato

The spread of the Coronavirus epidemic has not just harmed lives of people, but is also bringing local businesses to a screeching halt. The British cheese industry is one such example of a much-loved local delicacy, which is now suffering major losses. In an attempt to give the humble British cheese a boost, a two-day British Cheese weekender was celebrated from 8th to 10th May. It was completely online with live streams, farm tours and quizzes about the British cheese. On the final day of the festival, the Prince of Wales released a message along with a recipe to encourage and support British cheesemakers.

The Prince of Wales, His Royal Highness Prince Charles has been a patron of the Speciality Cheesemakers Association since 1993. He has released an interesting recipe for Cheesy Baked Eggs. It is one of his all-time favourite dishes, which can be recreated at home using any favourite cheese of yours and some simple kitchen ingredients. Take a look at the delicious dish and its recipe:

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The recipe was posted on Instagram along with a personal message from Prince Charles himself. “British cheesemakers need our support during this time of great uncertainty, and we can all help in the simplest way. By sourcing British cheese from local shops and cheesemongers, and directly from producers online, you can make a vital contribution to keeping these small businesses afloat during the prevailing crisis,” read the message.

Clarence House posted the recipe on their Instagram handle, which is a handle aimed to offer a glimpse into ‘the life, work and activities’ of The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall. The idea of sharing the recipe was to encourage consumption of British cheese in testing times like these. The Cheesy baked eggs uses some of the simplest fresh ingredients that are easily available in the local kitchen. With two kinds of cheese, spinach and egg along with a cherry tomato and fresh cream – the cheese baked eggs is an interesting recipe to prepare at home for breakfast, a light evening snack or even as a delicious, filling meal by itself.

Here Is The Full Recipe Of Cheesy Baked Eggs From Clarence House:


  • 100g Wilted Spinach
  • 1 Egg
  • 35g strong soft cheese
  • 1 cherry tomato
  • 15g grated hard cheese
  • 80ml double cream
  • Charcuterie (optional)


  1. Butter a small ovenproof dish and line with wilted spinach, making a well in the centre.
  2. Place the cheery tomato (quartered) on top of the spinach
  3. Dot the soft cheese around the dish amongst the tomatoes. Add the torn basil leaves. Optional: add any charcuterie at this point.
  4. Season with salt and pepper.
  5. Crack the egg into the centre of the spinach.
  6. Pour the double cream over the egg – avoid breaking the yolk!
  7. Sprinkle with grated hard cheese.
  8. Place in a hot oven (180 degrees) for 8-10 minutes.
  9. Let it stand for a few minutes before eating.

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