Sweet shops are filled with these delicious delights – but kaju katli can be easily made at home.


  • Barfi is a classic Indian sweet that no one can ever resist
  • Kaju katli tops the list of being one of the most popular one
  • Here is a homemade kaju ki barfi that you can easily try at home

If the lockdown has made us crave anything, it has to be the restaurant food! From our favourite street side snacks to the rich Indian sweets, we simply can’t stop craving any of it. More than a month of nation-wide lockdown has brought out many chefs across the country, where everybody is trying to cook or bake their favourite dishes from restaurants. From decadent cakes to rich Indian gravies, from momos and paani puri to tikkas – name it and people are making it. One Indian sweet that we simply can’t stop craving is the good old kaju katli.

The sweet of all festivals, kaju ki barfi is the quintessential celebratory sweet that can be seen across Indian homes mostly around the festival of Diwali. It is one of the most popular Indian sweets that is bought in boxes on every celebratory occasion. A cashew nut and milk based sweet, decorated with silver varq, kaju ki barfi literally translates to a cashew slice and is a star of festivals. Sweet shops across the country are packed with these little diamond-shaped delights, but did you know these can easily be made at home too? Yes, you read that right!

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kaju katli

Here is a homemade kaju ki barfi recipe, made with just five ingredients and less than an hour. Simply combine water, sugar and saffron, mix with cardamom powder until thick and sticky. The cashew nut powder is added to the sugar syrup and cooked until a single lump. It is made into a dough, rolled and cut into barfi pieces. You can decorate it with silver varq before serving.

A perfect post-meal dessert amid the lockdown when your favourite sweet shop seems like a distant affair! A homemade barfi is always a safe vet since you have complete control over the quality of ingredients, the quantity of sugar and of course you’ll always know how fresh they are.

Find the homemade kaju ki barfi recipe here. Try at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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