If you are anything like us, then no amount of cheese is enough for you! There’s something about this gooey food ingredient that can liven up any meal, anytime of the day. Throw it on paratha or stuff it inside two slices of breads, and you have a lip-smacking dish ready without much effort. That is how important cheese is for a better meal experience! Hence, almost every one of us (especially cheese-lovers) prefer keeping a stash of different varieties of cheese in our pantry, for whenever we need them.

Here we bring you 4 such popular types of cheese, which you can find in almost every household. Read on.

Go Slice Cheese

Cheese slice is a versatile snack-item in itself. You may enjoy it as is or add it in sandwich or on crackers to prepare various yummy cheese-y dishes. Hence, we bring this packet of cheese slice by Go, a must-have in every person’s refrigerator.

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Amul Cheese – Processed

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Amul’s processed cheese block is one of the most commonly used cheeses in any kitchen. Be it a cheese omelette or a bowl of homemade white sauce pasta, we all resort to Amul cheese for preparing any such dishes.

Nutra Vita Freeze Dried fine Mozzarella Cheese Flakes

Have you been trying to replicate restaurant-style pizzas in your kitchen? If yes, then this box of dried mozzarella cheese flakes by Nutra Vita can be of great help. All you need to do is heat the cheese-flakes and add on pizza. And you will get a cheese-overloaded pizza in no time.

Also Consider

Ajnala Cheddar Cheese Powder

We also found this cheddar cheese powder for you that will help you prepare a perfect tub of cheese-popcorn, just like the ones you get in a movie-theatre.


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