Sonam Kapoor Makes Refreshing Bubble Tea; Here's How You Can Too!

Sonam Kapoor’s bubble tea looked refreshing and delicious.


  • Sonam Kapoor made a delicious bubble tea at home
  • The recipe uses tapioca or sago pearls
  • Try and make Bubble tea at home

The sweltering hot summer has begun, and with it come some delicious summer fruits, foods and drinks. The iced tea recipe is one such sinful summer recipe that is an all-time favourite among tea-lovers during the season. Another much loved beverage is the Bubble Tea – which is the cold milky version of the iced tea. Sonam Kapoor tried her hands at making some sumptuous bubble tea at home with the help of a vegan recipe. She shared the amazing drink in her Instagram story, take a look:


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What makes the Bubble Tea recipe unique is the addition of ‘Bubbles’ which are basically tapioca or sago pearls added to the concoction. These pearls are jelly-like in texture and break the drink’s monotony in an innovative way. The bubble ingredient gives an interesting edge to the delicious Bubble Tea which is a refreshing and delightful recipe to savour in the summers!

Here’s An Easy Recipe To Make Bubble Tea At Home: 

Sonam Kapoor also shared a few Instagram stories from her sister Rhea Kapoor’s profile. The latter asked her followers to name a particular dish from a restaurant that would be their ‘comeback meal’. Rhea Kapoor shared some famous dishes from Delhi restaurants, tagging her sister Sonam Kapoor while sharing a few memories from those restaurants and also expressing her envy since Sonam Kapoor is currently staying in their Delhi home. Take a look at the Instagram stories:


We hope to see more such glimpses of the sister’s foodie sides on Instagram soon!

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