Paneer ghee roast is a delicious snack option.


  • Paneer makes for a great snack for vegetarians.
  • This paneer ghee roast is an ideal substitute for meat ghee roast.
  • This recipe will help you make veg paneer ghee roast at home.

You would have often heard people raving on and on about ghee roast. Traditional ghee roast is made with mutton or chicken suffused with oodles of ghee. If your non-vegetarian friends can enjoy this rich, full-of-protein dish, so can you. Just replace meat with paneer and you can experience the same joy of relishing the succulent, luscious dish which emits bouts of energy from ghee and proteins. You may not know it but ghee roast is a popular dish in Mangalore. Here is a replica of Mangalorean chicken ghee roast in vegetarian form that you are sure to love.

Paneer ghee roast is best served as a snack but you can also use it as a filling for wraps or parathas as well. You can also add more gravy to it to pair it with roti or rice. The highlight of ghee roast apart from ghee is its spiciness. A lot of red chillies are added to it to make it spicy and fiery hot. Here’s an easy recipe to help you make veg ghee roast. Since, you are spending all your time at home during the lockdown, it’s the perfect time to try out this luscious paneer dish.

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Paneer ghee roast recipe –

Ingredients –

200 grams paneer, cubed

1 tsp ghee

3-4 Kashmiri red chillies

Half tbsp coriander seeds

Half tsp cumin jeera

2-3 black peppercorns

A pinch of methi seeds

A pinch of saunf

Salt to taste

3 cloves of garlic

1 tbsp imli water

1 tsp ghee

For ghee roast –

2 tbsp ghee

Half onion, finely chopped

7-8 curry leaves

Salt to taste

A pinch of turmeric powder

1 tbsp curd, whisked

Salt to taste

Half tsp jaggery

Method –

Make masala by roasting all the spices in ghee. When the spices cool down, add imli water, and grind to make fine masala paste. Add some water, if required.

In a pan, roast paneer cubes in 1 tsp ghee till they turn brown. Set aside.

In a large pan, heat one tablespoon ghee, saute onions and curry leaves. Add turmeric and salt, add masala and mix well. Cook till ghee starts separating.

Add curd and jaggery, and mix well.

Now, add roasted paneer cubes. Stir well for 2 minutes and turn off the stove.

Paneer ghee roast is ready to be served.

Do try this delectable dish and add another paneer recipe to your vegetarian menu.

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