There’s no denying the fact that protein plays a pivotal role in building a healthy body. Protein is one of the essential macro-nutrients for maintaining muscles, bones and every cell in our bodies (other two being carbs and fats). It is also important for better metabolism, balanced hormone regulation, proper oxygen supply in the entire body and more. Hence, as per global health experts, it is important for individuals to consume protein every day. If you notice, often our ‘healthy diet regime’ becomes all about loading up on protein – both from plant and animal sources. But are all protein sources equally beneficial for our health? Probably, not!

A recent study has claimed, when it is about building and maintaining muscle with age, animal protein does a better job than its plant-based counterparts (like soy protein and wheat protein). The research was presented by Oliver Witard of King’s College London at The Physiological Society’s virtual early career conference Future Physiology 2020.

As per the report by The Physiological society, “On a gram for gram basis, animal proteins are more effective than plant proteins in supporting the maintenance of skeletal muscle mass with advancing age.”

A controlled lab study was conducted on a group of participants, who were fed with plant-based (only soy and wheat) and animal-based proteins, and compared the change in their muscle-health.

It was found that the transition from animal-based protein to plant-based protein, without increasing the amount of protein-intake, may have a harmful effect on the muscle-health during ageing.

“Larger dose of soy and wheat proteins is required to achieve a comparable response of building muscles,” the researchers stated. However, further studies are required in this regard with other potent plant-based proteins like oats, quinoa and maize.

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