• Chocolate fudge is adored by a wide gamut of people
  • Chocolate fudge be made in a matter of a few minutes
  • Chocolate fudge is an ideal quick fix for intense chocolate cravings

No matter how good or bad a day we are having, a piece of chocolate only makes it better. It is the only flavour that can possibly never be out of vogue. Have you seen any dessert or ice cream without chocolate flavoured treats? We certainly cannot think of any. To sum it up, there is nothing else like chocolate in this world, and which is why we can never have enough of it. If you also identify as a fellow chocolate lover, you can also perhaps understand the struggle of untimely, intense chocolate cravings. We may have a recipe that could be somewhat of a solution.

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This quick chocolate fudge takes no time to prepare, and is so dense and chocolatey that you do not even mind those extra calories. Chocolate fudge is a kind of a chewy candy made primarily with milk, butter and chocolate. You can obviously get a little more creative and give it your own take (think: nuts, dried fruits and sprinklers).

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Chocolate lovers can be found across globe

More than anything, we absolutely love this chocolate fudge for the ease it comes with. As it happens, most chocolate desserts need an army of ingredients and baking at certain temperature. It also takes an awful lot of patience to make them, else all your efforts are in vain. You only need a handful of ingredients like semi-sweet chocolate chips or a chocolate bar broken into small bits, condensed milk, butter, walnuts and you are done. The fudge in itself takes less than 30 minutes to come together and serves five! You can scale down or scale up the ingredients as per your need.  

Here’s a recipe of microwave chocolate fudge:

Once the chocolate chips, condensed milk and butter are nicely melted in your microwave, stir them nicely, stir in some nuts (optional) and refrigerate. Make sure you do not burn the chocolate in microwave. One way is switching off the microwave after every minute and giving all contents a nice stir and microwaving again-until done.

Try this recipe at home and let us know how you liked it!

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