If you are someone who can’t start your day without a healthy detox drink, then this article is just for you! Detox drinks have become an important part of the lives of several health conscious people. They help to flush out toxins from body and promote overall health. Presently, when we are all coming in terms with the scorching heat of summer, several detox drinks play important role in cooling down the body and keep us hydrated. One such traditional detox drink is of palm sugar candy and saunf (fennel seeds). In the earlier days, saunf and palm sugar candy was soaked overnight in copper glassto preparethis drink, which was consumed the next morning to make the body ready to fight the extreme heat of summers. We bring the recipe of the same drink for you to keep yourself hydrated for long.

How Palm Sugar Candy Promote Hydration:

Palm sugar candy is crystalised versionof natural sugar made from the sap of the palm tree. This sugar undergoes minimum processing and has no chemical in it. It is packed with number of minerals, vitamins, calcium, iron, zinc and potassium. . The sugar content in palm sugar is well balanced, hence is often dubbed to bea healthy substitute toregular sugar. It is also said that palm sugar candy, coupled with water or milk, helps to quench thirst and beat the heat. It also helps to boost energy instantly.

How Saunf Promote Hydration:

Saunf or fennel seed is a concentrated source of vitamin C and minerals like copper, potassium, calcium, zinc, manganese etc. It helps to flush out toxins from the body and protect itfrom extreme heat during the summers.

How To Make Palm Sugar Candy And Saunf (Fennel Seeds) Water:


3-4 palm sugar candies

1 teaspoon fennel seeds (saunf)

1 teaspoon dry ginger powder

1 glass of water


  • Soak the palm sugar candy, dry ginger powder and fennel seeds in water over night.
  • Strain the water and drink early in the morning empty stomach.


  • If you are someone who cannot start your day without a cup of tea, then boil some green/black tea with the water and enjoy.
  • You can also add some lime juice to the water for a healthy dose of vitamin C.

This summer, give a healthy start to your day with this delicious palm sugar candy and saunf detox water and keep going for the whole day. Happy summer!

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