World Hypertension day is celebrated to spread awareness about high BP and its effect on heart


  • Hypertension is marked by elevated blood pressure levels
  • High blood pressure is becoming very common these days
  • Bananas are high in potassium

17th May is celebrated as ‘World Hypertension Day ‘.The day is aimed at creating awareness about the condition that afflicts millions of people across home and abroad. Hypertension is a condition marked by elevated blood pressure levels. It occurs when the force of blood against the artery walls is too high. If necessary measures are not taken to control thee pressure, it could even lead to a stroke. Blood pressure can be managed to a great extent with the help of a heart-healthy diet. You would be surprised to know how eating bananas may do wonders for your BP levels. Bananas are profuse with potassium (100 grams has about 358 mg of potassium), potassium helps negate the ill-effects of sodium by expelling sodium from your body through urine. Bananas are also enriched with magnesium and fibre. The best but about banana is that it is a no-fuss fruit, easy to peel and easy to eat, bananas are a hit with everybody.  But did you know you can make a whole lot of healthy recipes using banana. Here are some of them that may help keep high blood pressure in control.

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1. Banana Walnut Smoothie

Thick and lush smoothie made with the goodness of sweet banana and nutty walnut promises a wholesome fare you would not want to miss.

2.Spinach And Banana Pancake

Spinach, a non-starchy green vegetable is also a treasure of nutrients, that includes a good amount of potassium as well. Combining the goodness of spinach with banana therefore makes for an absolute winner.

potato pancake

World hypertension day is celebrated on 17th May

3. Banana and almond porridge

 This filling breakfast can be put together in no time. A heart mix of fibre and other heart-healthy nutrients, this porridge is a must try.

4.Banana and Oat Bread

Love to bake? You must try this scrumptious and healthy banana-oat bread and start off your morning with a little less guilt.


5. Banana Milkshake

The summers are here and how, soon we’d be whipping  variety of milkshakes, add this yummy banana milkshake to the list. Be mindful of the sugar you add to the beverage. Banana already has decent amount of natural sugar, so make sure you do not overload the drink with added sugar. Sugar does no good to the body, it has no good nutritive value either.

So this world hypertension day, make sure you pledge to take good care of your heart, and eat healthy.

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