TikTok User's Easy 2-Ingredient Gulab Jamun Recipe Goes Viral

Gulab Jamun is a much-loved sweet, and here’s how to make it in 2 steps.


  • Gulab Jamun is a much-loved Indian dessert
  • It can be made in two simple steps with easy ingredients
  • The TikTok video of the recipe went viral on the app

The craving to eat something sweet can hit us after any meal. We often bite into the first chocolate or cake that we find handy, without having to go through the pains of actually making something for dessert. It doesn’t help our case that dessert recipes are often elaborate, requiring many ingredients and several steps of preparation. But what if we told you that there’s a recipe for making the decadent Indian sweet Gulab Jamun at home in just two easy steps with the simplest of ingredients?

A TikTok user has decoded this very delicious recipe for Gulab Jamun by using bread and milk as the base for the dish. There is no requirement for khoya, condensed milk or even milk powder which is popularly used as a substitute. The video has gone viral on the video-sharing app TikTok. Take a look:




The user goes by the username @yasminali77 and the handle ‘Maa Beti Aur Kitchen’ on the video-sharing platform. She claims to share easy recipes for tasty food on her handle. She shared the video on her handle. The simple, home-shot video has garnered 75 million views and nearly 4 million likes on TikTok.

What she did in the video was basically cut out the corners from 4-5 slices of breads. The remaining white bread was shredded into tiny pieces and put into a bowl. Milk was added to the bread to make the Gulab Jamun batter smooth and consistent. Balls were prepared using the bread batter and some chopped almonds and kept aside. Then, a separate pan was used to boil sugar and water to make the sugar syrup. The Gulab Jamun was then fried in the sugar syrup mixture and topped with chopped almonds and served hot and fresh.

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5t1f6negGulab Jamun can be made in two simple steps. 

What an easy recipe to make Gulab Jamun, right? We hope many more such home chefs come up with these quick recipes to make the most elaborate dishes easily and with a few ingredients.

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