This Fool-Proof Hack Of Keeping Ginger Fresh Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Ginger forms an intrinsic part of Indian cooking


  • Ginger is effective in boosting digestion
  • Ginger is a traditional remedy to boost immunity
  • Ginger can be easily stored for a long time

As much as we love using ginger in our curries, stews and broth – storing them the right way is always a hassle. Nobody likes the taste of stale ginger, but what can you do to prevent your ginger from going bad. And what to do if you have purchased ginger in bulk? There are a plenty of ‘tips and tricks’ that you may have heard of, some convenient, some utter bizarre – but how many of these can you really trust? In this NDTV Food’s YouTube video, you can learn the easiest way to keep ginger fresh for long. It is fairly easy to tell when your ginger is going bad, or is about to get stale. It develops a moist texture. The cut end becomes moldy, and the edges can get dark. Sometimes excess heat could also spoil ginger sitting in room temperature.

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Ginger forms an intrinsic part of Indian cooking, it lends a crispy hotness to many of our dishes. In this hack you need not dip ginger roots in a solution to keep it fresh, all you need is a knife and a zip-lock bag.

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Cooking Hack: How To Keep Ginger Fresh

Watch the video and try this hack, we are sure you would not be storing it any other way. For more such kitchen tips, secrets and exciting recipes, stay tuned to NDTV Food’s YouTube channel.

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