• We bring you a quick and easy desi-style Quesadilla recipe
  • It can be prepared with left-over rotis and a few simple ingredients
  • Enjoy the quesadillas hot with simple tomato ketchup or salsa sauce

What is that one thing that Coronavirus pandemic has taught us? The most common answer will be – using our resources to the fullest. Be it our grocery items or left-over food, we have tried not to waste even a morsel of it. Unlike the pre-pandemic era (when disposing extra food didn’t even grab our attention), the months-long lockdown has seen people invoking their creative selves to whip up amazing dishes at home, with minimum resources and left-over food. Taking a cue from that, today we bring you a quick and easy desi-style Quesadilla recipe, which is prepared using left-over rotis and a few simple ingredients. All you need to do is, prepare a filling and fold it in a roti and indulge!

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Here’s The Recipe For Chicken Quesadillas With Left-Over Roti:


2 left-over rotis

Half cup chopped onion

Half cup chopped bell pepper (of any colour)

Half cup chopped tomato (de-seeded)

2 chopped green chillies

1.5 cup chicken (boiled and shredded)

Grated cheese, as much you want

Salt as per taste

1 tsp black pepper

1 tbsp oil (preferably olive or veg oil)


Step 1. Heat some oil in a pan and add the shredded chicken to it. Cook for a while till the chicken turns golden brown in colour. Transfer it to a bowl.

Step 2. In the same pan and oil, add onion, bell pepper, tomato and green chilli to it; stir fry the vegetables. Make sure it doesn’t lose the crunch.

Step 3. Now, put the cooked chicken in the pan, add salt and black pepper to it and mix all the ingredients together.

Step 4. Simultaneously, toast the left-over rotis on a tawa or griddle. You can grease the tawa with some oil if you want. Toast the rotis on both the sides.

Step 5. Now, add some cheese and the chicken-veggie mix on one side of the roti and fold.

Step 6. Toast the roti till it gets a nice crunchy brown colour to it.

Step 7. Once you are satisfied with the texture, switch off the flame and take the quesadilla on a plate cut it in a triangular shape.

A quick chicken quesadilla is ready to relish.

Bonus Recipe:

The vegetarians can replace chicken with mushroom or paneer. Be it chicken or paneer, chop them into small pieces and fry them well before adding veggies to it.

Enjoy the quesadillas hot with simple tomato ketchup or salsa sauce. Click here 7 lip-smacking salsa recipes.

This roti quesadilla can be a quick fix for your evening hunger. Enjoy your meal!

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