Litchi is rich with vitamin C which is known to boost immunity.


  • Litchi is a fruit that is popular across all age groups
  • It is not just tasty but comes brimming with essential nutrients
  • Here is a litchi juice that you can easily make and drink for weight loss

Monsoon season comes with its own set of pros and cons. While we have the unbearable humid weather draining us to bits, on the other hand, we also have occasional showers brining immediate relief. But one great part about this time of the year is to have countless seasonal fruits and vegetables thronging the market! And well, who doesn’t love refreshing watermelon, pretty pomegranate and pulpy litchis!? It is the season of healthy fresh fruits and juices that help you go about the day beating the heat.

Lychee or litchi is a soft, whitish-pink coloured pulpy fruit. Besides being absolutely delicious, litchi comes with heaps of nutritional benefits that make it a must-have fruit in the diet. The most important of all is its immunity-boosting properties. Litchi is rich in Vitamin C, which may not only strengthen your immunity but may also keep your skin healthy. The fruit may also stimulate the activity of white blood cells that defend the body against foreign materials. While there are many reasons to include litchi in your daily diet, but if you are one of those who are too lazy to peel the fruit and de-seed it every time, juicing is the way to go!

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Litchi And Dill Juice Recipe

We’ve got you covered with an exceptionally delicious, healthy and quick litchi and dill juice that you can make in bulk for a few days and store in your refrigerator. All you need to do is peel the litchis, deseed them and blend them well with some lemon. Strain into a glass, top with a few sprigs of dill and store. Top with ice cubes right before gulping down!

Find the complete recipe of litchi and dill juice here.

Having this super easy glass of litchi juice with the goodness of dill every day can go a long way in maintaining good health. You can include it in your daily breakfast too.

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Litchi may work exceptionally well for boosting your immunity. With a high water content and almost negligible fat and calorie content, litchi is also considered ideal for weight loss. The fibre-rich fruit may also stimulate gastric and digestive juices promoting efficient nutrient absorption and digestion. Dill, according to ancient medicinal practices, may also aid digestion and help in dealing with intestinal gas.

So, if you are looking for an easy way to load up on immunity boosting nutrients while also shedding some kilos on the way, litchi and dill juice makes for an ideal drink to include in your diet.

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