TikTok User's Genius Hack To Squeeze Lemon Juice Without Seeds Is Going Viral

This hack requires just one simple kitchen implement.


  • The process of juicing a lemon can get cumbersome at times
  • This incredible hack by TikTok user solves all your lemon woes
  • It requires just one tool, no slicing and no deseeding either

Squeezing out the juice from a lemon may seem an easy task to most people. However, it involves a lot of steps, and thus, the entire activity of juicing a lemon becomes a bit tedious. From slicing the lemon into two halves, then deseeding it and finally squeezing the juice out of it – this three step process does get a little cumbersome. TikTok user and nutritionist Jacqui Bain from Australia shared an ingenious hack to squeeze the juice out of a lemon without the need to slice it. Take a look at the viral video:


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“I was today years old when I found out you could do this,” wrote the nutritionist while sharing the video on her TikTok handle. The video garnered almost 400k views and over 40k likes on the video-sharing application. What the TikTok user basically did was that she used a steel skewer to poke a hole through the middle of a lemon. The hole was then used to squeeze out the lemon juice without the need to chop or slice it. Further, this genius hack obliterated the need to deseed the lemon entirely, as the hole was too small to let the seeds pass through.

What an easy way to juice a lemon in just one simple step and with just a single tool! In place of a skewer, any other sharp, pointed implement can be used to poke a hole in the lemon. The bonus is that there is no need to worry about seeds in your juice. This hack is perfect for the summer as you can now easily squeeze out lemon juice to make your favourite lemon teas or lemonade!

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