TikTok video of doughnut cereal has gone viral.


  • After pancake cereal and cookies cereal, a new cereal trend has arrived.
  • Doughnuts cereal is the latest food trend going viral.
  • TikTok video shows how to make mini doughnuts cereal.

We can thank TikTok for giving us many quirky food trends to keep us occupied during the lockdown. We all had fun making breakfast cereals with a pancake twist, and cookie cereal was exciting too. Now, it’s time to move to the next cereal craze that is currently amusing the internet. Doughnut cereal is the latest to hit the food trends list and is one of the best lockdown recipes to try. A TikTok user shared different versions of mini doughnut cereals that are sure to thrill children in your family.

TikTok account @soflofooodie posted recipes of two versions of cereals made with miniature doughnuts. The first cereal recipe video featured tiny doughnuts topped with vanilla and chocolate glaze, and embellished with rainbow and chocolate sprinkles. The doughnuts were then flopped down in a bowl along with the doughnut holes and doused in milk.

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Roses – Imanbek Remix – SAINt JHN

If this recipe amazed you, wait till you see the second version of doughnut cereal recipe that has even tinier doughnuts covered with vanilla glaze and sprinklers, dunked in a bowl of milk with giant sprinklers floating on top.


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original sound – soflofooodie

The Instagram video of the same blogging account also shows how to make doughnuts from scratch. Roll out the dough and make small circulars with what looks like a bottle cap, and punch holes in the middle with the help of a straw. Then, fry the doughnuts until golden brown and proceed to decorate them and make your cereal bowl.

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The sheer beauty of these full-of-colours cereal embroiled TikTok followers and other social media users into replicating the recipe at their homes. The doughnut cereals are definitely a delight for eyes and we are sure it will be a delight for our palate too. We just can’t wait to make this for our next breakfast meal. What do you think of this new food trend? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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