The classic upma has been made into several decadent ways.


  • Upma is a classic Indian breakfast that is light on the stomach
  • It is quick, easy, delicious and has many different variations
  • Here are 5 spectacular upma recipes you can try at home

Indian breakfast is one of the most popular and wholesome meals around the world. Parathas, poha, pakodas and south Indian delights like idli or upma proves that Indian morning meals are not just fulfilling but also quick and easy to put together. Upma is one of those quintessential Indian dishes that have a reputation of being a delicious, filling and nutritious. As the first meal of the day after an overnight haul, breakfast is dubbed as one of the most important meals, which, as per experts, should be wholesome and healthy. A bowl of upma seems to check all the boxed besides being exceptionally delicious.

Traditionally prepared by cooking a food grain in water and seasoned with salt with spices, upma can be cooked in various forms. The classic upma recipe has roasted rava or semolina cooked in water until it has absorbed the water and gained a thick paste-like consistency; however, there are many variations that one can prepare at home under 30 minutes!

Here are 5 upma recipes to prepare in just 30 minutes:

1. Green Pea Upma

With fiery flavours of green chillies, curry leaves, crackling mustard seeds, semolina, ginger and green peas, this bowl of upma can be a delicious addition to your breakfast table. Light, easy and tempting! Find the recipe here.

2. Millet Upma

An ideal meal during the fasting days; this upma is made from parsa ke chawal or barnyard millet that consists of small, white, round grains that are usually used as a substitute for traditional white rice during Navratris or fasting periods. This millet recipe is a healthy breakfast option, brimming with essential vitamins. Find the recipe here.

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3. Vermicelli Upma

Another popular upma variety is that made with seviyan or vermicelli. It has roasted peanuts, cashews, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, urad dal and curry leaves cooked with chopped onions and veggies. Then roasted seviyan is added to it along with water and allowed to sit on a low flame until the vermicelli is soft and noodle-like. A healthy, one-pot meal, this is ideal for a light lunch meal as well. Find the recipe here.


4. Rawa Upma

Classic upma made with (cooked) sooji, fresh vegetables, spices, lentils, aromatic nuts and curry leaves, rawa upma makes for a hearty morning meal. With some grated coconut on top, it lends a beautiful south-Indian flavour. Find the recipe here.


5. Bread Upma

If you feel your breakfast is incomplete without some bread tossed into it, bread upma is exactly what you would love! A refreshing change from the usual bread and butter, bread upma has little rectangular pieces of bread sautéed with a host of vegetables and masalas and topped with roasted nuts and fresh curry leaves that is sure to lick your bowl clean. Find the recipe here.

No more toiling in the kitchen for long hours for a stellar breakfast! Try these quick and easy upma recipes and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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