Baked potatoes with different toppings – pick your aloo snack from the list.


  • Baked potatoes are a great way to enjoy this popular veggie.
  • Bake you potatoes and top them with interesting fillings.
  • Here are some amazing baked potato recipes.

We have no qualms about admitting that potatoes are the most useful vegetable in every kitchen. Whenever you can’t decide what to cook, you can always turn to potatoes to make something or the other. It’s not just Indian cuisine that is dominated by potatoes, the veggie rules all other cuisines across the globe. And, when it comes to snacks, potatoes are our first choice. Its versatility peaks its utility. But, if you’ve had enough of potato fries, aloo chaat, aloo samosa and scores of nosh and nibbles, take the next step to bake and stuff your potatoes to make some lip-smacking small bites.

To help you out, we are providing you some easy baked potatoes recipes that are worth a try.

7 Baked Potatoes Recipes:

1. Jacket Potatoes

If you are following food trends on Instagram, you must have seen many people trying to make jacket potatoes at home. Some may be doing it for its great taste and others may be making it just to post pretty pictures of this good-looking dish. Whatever your reason may be, do try this baked potato recipe with a creamy mushroom filling.

Get recipe here.

2. Baked Potatoes with Cream Cheese Dressing

Cream cheese, hung curd, black pepper and herbs for dressing – that’s all you need to fill your baked potatoes to make a winner snack recipe.

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Baked potatoes with creamy filling makes for a great snack.

3. Baked Potatoes With Paneer (Without Oven)

Don’t have oven at home? We have a desi-style of roasting potatoes on stove and filling it with a desi mixture of paneer and matar.

Get recipe here.

4. Restaurant-Style Baked Potatoes

If you don’t do ordinary, here’s a restaurant-special recipe that will help you make this avant-garde recipe of baked potatoes stuffed with mushroom, peas tomatoes and onions – matching your style.

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5. Baked Potato Wedges

We all love munching on crispy and salty fried potato wedges. But, now you can make no-fry, healthy baked potato wedges, which will actually taste better!

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Potatoes can be baked or roasted in oven to make wedges. 

6. Baked Mexican Potatoes

If you are a fan of the vibrant Mexican cuisine, this recipe is just for you. Fresh cucumber, corns and capsicum are spiced and mixed with the cavity of baked potatoes to present an irresistible treat.

Get recipe here.

7. Potato Packet with Glazed Carrots

Cheesy baked potatoes topped with sweet and spiced carrot and coriander dressing – this easy baked potato recipe is a must try.

Get recipe here.

If you already love potatoes, imagine them in all their glory out of the oven with all the smokiness and airiness from baking! Do we need to convince you anymore to try these recipes?

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