There are so many kinds of diets you read about nowadays, while some could sound utterly bizarre, some may actually make your life a whole lot easier. Think diet, and you are bound to imagine all kinds of restrictions. But, you would be glad to know that there are some diets, which can accommodate your tastes and preferences and not be so overwhelming for you. For instance, if you happen to be drawing towards plant-based foods, but think you cannot stop eating meat overnight- you could try the flexitarian diet. Yes, you heard us.

The flexitarian diet is a style of eating that encourages mostly plant-based foods but also allows small portions of meat. If you are trying to transition into meat-free foods, you can try this diet and test the waters, and then slowly adapt to the plant-based diet, if you feel like.

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While there has been a surge in mock-meats and meat alternatives, there are plenty of people who are not up for the idea of going cold turkey, and would still prefer to eat real meat. Flexitarian diet allows you to eat meat in moderation. Being a flexitarian is more of a lifestyle change than following a traditional diet with clear-cut rules and calorie recommendations. So, make sure you do not use it as an excuse to eat whatever you want and that too without portion control. Eating processed meat has been proven to be harmful for heart health in the longer run; it has also been linked to obesity. Therefore, if you are eating real meat, make sure you are wise about your choices. Try sticking to lean meat.

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A 2017 study also found that people who were on a semi-vegetarian diet had lower body-weight as well as lower risk of type 2 diabetes as compared to those who were regular meat-eaters.

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