Healthy Breakfast: Not A Fan Of Avocado Toast? Make Parathas With The Superfood (Watch Recipe Video)

Avocado paratha is flavourful and fulfilling,


  • You can make paratha with avocados for a healthy morning meal.
  • Avocado is popularly consumed with bread toast for breakfast.
  • This avocado paratha with a desi twist will surely win your heart.

We all are trying to follow the trend of including superfoods in our diet, which have become quite a rage these days. Superfood is nothing but any food with high nutritive value. Nevertheless, the new-age superfoods that were unheard of till a while back are making inroads into everybody’s menu now. Quinoa, oats, avocado, kale – are all nutritious foods that provide many health benefits. Avocado has become a more common food in Indian households than we know. The creamy avocado paste makes for a perfect topping on a bread toast. You might not know this – avocado is also called ‘makkhan fal’ in India because of its buttery texture. But, not everyone quite likes the wishy-washy avocado and its pallid taste; for them we have got this recipe of paratha made with avocado, containing all the spicy flavours to please your taste buds.

If you are not too fond of avocado toast for breakfast but don’t know how to include it in your diet, this avocado paratha recipe is perfect for you. The recipe video was shared by food vlogger Manjula Jain on her YouTube channel ‘Manjula’s Kitchen’. The recipe gives a ‘desi’ twist to avocado and transforms it into a ‘masaledar’ treat, just the way we like it.

Avocados are known for their many health-giving properties. The fruit is a rich source of healthy Omega 3 fatty acids, which are good fats and help us in maintaining good health in many ways. Avocado contains many essential vitamins and minerals that further make it a must-have food in our diet.

So, this avocado paratha with a string of Indian spices lending gobs of flavours to it is a great morning dish that is tasty as well as fulfilling. Pair it with plain raita, avocado raita, chutney or aloo sabzi and you’ll have a great meal to kick-start your day.

Watch recipe video of avocado paratha here –

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