These plant-based foods are rich in Iron and Calcium.


  • Legumes and green leafy vegetables are rich in Iron
  • Soybean contains good amount of iron and calcium too
  • The FSSAI recommends these plant-based sources of nutrients

The world is increasingly turning to plant-based diets due to the concerns around food safety post the Coronavirus pandemic. These vegetarian foods are not just highly nutritious and beneficial for health, but also help in reducing the carbon footprint and minimising the negative environmental impact of each individual. Critics often express their concerns about how these foods may not contain some of the essential nutrients such as minerals, which are vital for maintenance of proper body function. However, a recent series of tweets by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) busts this myth.

According to FSSAI, plant-based foods can also be rich in micronutrients, including Calcium and Iron. The food safety organisation has shared a list of five Calcium and Iron-rich foods that are solely plant-based. They took to Twitter to write about these vital nutrients that are a must for keeping the body healthy and fit.

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Iron is a nutrient that helps us beat fatigue and helps transport oxygen to all the parts of the body. Plant-Based foods that are rich in iron like lentils, which can provide up to 37% of the daily iron RDA. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, Kale and many others are also a must-have for vegetarians. Nuts and raisins include good quantities of iron in them. There are special fortified rice and whole wheat flours also available in the market which contain significant amounts of iron in them.

Similarly, calcium is a vital component of every meal that helps maintain strong bones and teeth. A few plant-based foods that contain a good amount of calcium include Phalsa (or Grewia Asiatica), which is enriched with iron too. Soyabean is also a great food that naturally contains both iron and calcium. Horse Gram or Madras Gram is also a protein-rich lentil which contains generous quantities of calcium. Leafy greens such as amaranth and mustard leaves are also enriched with the goodness of calcium that strengthens the body from within.

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So, shun the baseless myths that one cannot get iron or calcium from vegetarian sources. Try incorporating these FSSAI-suggested foods in your diet for a healthier mind, body and heart!

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