Bedmi poori is best enjoyed with rasedar aloo ki sabzi, nagori halwa and raita

There is no denying the fact that spicy and greasy ‘desi’ food defines satisfaction! If you happen to be someone who swears by indulgence, then we are here to surprise you with a lip-smacking recipe of bedmi poori. Famous in Uttar Pradesh and parts of Delhi, hot and crispy bedmi poori can be a winner on your plate throughout the year. These pooris, paired with rasedar aloo ki sabzi, nagori halwa and raita, are usually relished as a popular breakfast item.

A quintessential bedmi poori is made of wheat flour, with spicy urad dal stuffing. However, this recipe, shared by vlogger Reshu, on her YouTube channel ‘Cook With Reshu’, includes leftover cooked moong dal, giving a healthy-boost to the dish. Alongside, the recipe added atta, besan, red chilli powder, salt, garam masala and saunf to knead the dough. Let’s take a look at the recipe!

Here’s The Recipe Video For Bedmi Poori With Leftover Dal:

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This bedmi poori recipe is simple and can be prepared in no time. All you need to keep in mind is- the dough needs to be perfectly kneaded to get the crunch of the pooris.

Here Are Few Tips To Knead Perfect Dough Effortlessly For This Recipe:

  • Make sure you knead the dough with the dal; try not to use excess water.

  • Knead tight dough to get crispy pooris. For doing so, make sure you do not pour the whole dal at one go.

  • Rest the dough for 4-5 minutes before you start frying the pooris.
  • Knead the dough again with some oil, after resting. This plays an important role in getting the crunchy texture of the pooris.

What are you waiting for? Wear your apron and rush to the kitchen and treat yourself with a scrumptious meal.

Happy Cooking!

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