• Veg Chowmein is a much-loved desi street delight
  • It can easily be made at home with a few simple ingredients
  • Try this easy and delicious recipe for an indulgent treat

There are days when a simple Dal Chawal or Dal Roti would work wonders for our dinner spread. However, there are other days when we want to indulge in our cravings and eat some delicious junk food. This could be a pizza topped with oodles of cheese, or even some crispy, street-style Chowmein. Chowmein is our own desi version of the Asian Hakka noodles. With loads of vegetables and some selected ingredients, desi-style veg Chowmein has its own separate fanbase.

What all goes into the making of desi-style Veg Chowmein?

To begin with, you would require a small quantity of vinegar and soya sauce for this recipe. Cornflour is also a must in order to make the noodles crispy and filling. The desi-style Veg Chowmein recipe uses a number of vegetables such as onion, capsicum, carrot and cabbage. Garlic is also a must-add to this interesting and unique recipe. All these unique ingredients make this Veg Chowmein recipe a true winner.

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jgc0hg78Desi-style Veg Chowmein can be easily made at home. 

How do we make Veg Chowmein?

The best part about the desi-style veg Chowmein is that it requires minimal effort and is prepared in literally no time. The recipe begins by mixing all the condiments and sauces together. Then, the noodles are boiled, and a small quantity is kept aside in the fried version in order to add that extra crispy edge. It is best to use a large vessel or a wok for this recipe; but always remember to cook on high flame in order to retain the crispness. Now, sauté garlic and all the vegetables in some oil and simply add the boiled noodles and sauces to the mix. Your delicious desi-style Veg Chowmein is ready!

So, what are you waiting for? Click on the video in the banner for the full recipe video of desi-style Chowmein. Prep up the ingredients and whip up this delicious recipe for a weekend treat or even a weekday dinner! Your family will definitely be impressed with your cooking prowess.

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