• Plain rice can make for a great accompaniment with multiple dishes
  • A Twitter thread discussed this very subject of what to pair with rice
  • The thread went viral on the micro-blogging website

There’s something about a simple plain rice which makes it comforting and delicious with every bite. Rice is also a wholesome and filling meal which satiates us every time. The ubiquitous grain is had in different forms and varieties across the country, and even across the globe. While some people prefer their rice with a simple home-cooked dal, others like to pair it with an elaborate dish such as chicken curry. A recent tweet asked users about their favourite choice of accompaniment with plain rice – and the discussion went viral on the micro-blogging website. Take a look at the original tweet:

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The tweet was posted by user @aliqasim, and it went viral getting over 31.6k retweets and comments and 6.4k likes. He asked users to choose two things to pair with a plate of simple rice, and the intriguing question got many users to pour in their responses.

Since many of the reactions to the tweet had ‘Ghee’ as an accompaniment with plain rice, it soon got the term ‘Ghee’ up on Twitter trends in India. Other users chose to pair plain rice with curries, lentils, fried eggs or lots of vegetables. Take a look at some of the delicious responses.

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There would be countless other dishes that people across the globe could make to go with plain rice. The viral Twitter post only encapsulated some of them. Even so, we surely got drooling by looking at these delicious responses and the mouthwatering twitter thread!

Which is your favourite dish to go with plain rice? Tell us in the comments below.

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