How To Make Restaurant-Style Veg Tacos - An Easy-to-Make Mexican Delight

Watch recipe video to make Mexican tacos at home.


  • Tacos are a popular Mexican food in India.
  • You can make restaurant-style veg tacos at home.
  • Watch the recipe video to make it at home.

If you want to try Mexican cuisine, there’s nothing better than tacos to begin your exploration. Mexican is almost a rage among Indians for its spicy flavours and use of fresh vegetables, nuts and whole grains. Mexican recipes use a lot of raw foods like tomatoes and olives, making them so-fresh and light on stomach. In our county, few Mexican recipes have entered the mainstream culinary arena, and as far as we can remember, taco was the first one to make it through.

Tacos are cornflour shells – either soft or hard – rolled and stuffed with a range of veggies or meat. Topping of cheese or sour cream makes this meal irresistible. If you have already tried tacos, you’ll know what we are talking about. 

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Here, we’ll help you make the same veg tacos as you get in restaurants with the choicest of exotic vegetables (all three kinds of capsicums and gherkins) and olives, smattered with grated cheese and sour cream. If you are having tacos, you have to pair it with salsa. So, this recipe video shows how to make not just the usual tomato salsa but also pineapple salsa. This veggie-filled taco is the perfect Mexican meal evening snack you can share with your family and loved ones, when you can gather all the compliments on your culinary craft coming your way. 

Watch recipe video of restaurant-style vegetable taco. 

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