Peeling your vegetables and fruits doesn’t get easier than this.


  • We often use a cumbersome process to peel vegetables and fruits
  • A TikTok user shared an easy hack to peel within seconds
  • The hack involves using both sides of the peeler’s blade

Peeling is one of the most basic processes in the kitchen. You do it to prepare any vegetable – be it carrots, cucumbers or onions. This process often becomes a bit cumbersome at times, taking up more of the preparation time than is necessary. But what are you doing wrong? This brilliant peeling hack by a TikTok user will show you just why peeling often becomes a tad more tedious than it should ideally be.



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The video was posted on TikTok by Liv Dalton, who stays in Australia. Her hack involved using a peeler which has dual blades and a razor-like structure. Normally, most people use only one side to peel the vegetable; peeling a small section from the tip of the vegetable till the root, and then going back up to the tip to repeat this process. However, in Dalton’s hack, the blades can be switched and used from either side. All you need to do is continue to peel the vegetable in both upward and downward motions, without lifting the peeler. With this zigzag motion, the peels of the vegetable can be done away with in a matter of few seconds.

The easy peeling hack soon went viral on the video-sharing application, garnering nearly 500k views. As Liv Dalton aptly wrote in the video, “You’ve been using a peeler wrong your whole life.” People were shocked to see how quickly and easily she was able to peel the carrot using the hack. It seemed as if peeling had become an effortless process with this easy method, something that even expert chefs would not have come up with. Kudos to the TikTok user for thinking of this game-changing peeling hack and sharing it with the world!

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