• Rice is one of the most important food grains of the world
  • No cuisine around the world is complete without rice
  • Indians like rice with curries, rajma, chhole and others

What is your first thought when we say rice? To some, it is a staple and to the others, it’s comfort. Whatever it be, rice is one of the most important food grains of India, rather of the world. No cuisine around the world is complete without rice. Rice cultivation is generally well suited in countries with high rainfall as it requires ample of water to grow. There are varieties of rice, which are typically classified into- long, medium and short grains. Long grains tend to remain intact after cooking but the medium and small grains get stickier.

In India, we generally eat rice along with our favourite curries, chhole and rajma. Even for making pulav and biryani, rice is used. Although, cooking rice is an easy process, making perfect non-sticky ones get a bit tougher. All the rice-lovers can relate to the fact that over-cooked, sticky rice can lower down the taste of a meal.

For the ones who are pro in kitchen (like our mothers and grandmothers), cooking perfect non-sticky, fluffy rice is a very easy job. All they do is measure the water-rice balance with eyes. But for the amateurs, it gets tougher. Hence, renowned vlogger Parul, on her YouTube channel ‘Cooking With Parul’, share three easy tips and tricks to make non sticky rice.

But before doing anything, make sure you clean the rice properly before boiling them. Most of the rice we buy from stores is full of pesticides, which are certainly not good for health. Hence, cleaning and washing them well is important.

After Doing So, Follow These 3 Tips To Cook Perfect Rice Which Is Not At All Sticky:

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