Watch: Adorable Pug Loves Eating Fruits & Veggies More Than Dog Food

This pug is winning the internet with his food choices.


  • An adorable pug by the name of Pang Pang is going viral
  • His videos show him eating up cucumber and blueberries
  • The dog’s antics are absolutely adorable and are winning hearts

The internet has a special soft corner for pet videos which show their cute, playful nature. Dog videos are found plentiful on social media, with the pets leaping into the air to grab a biscuit or a savoury bite. But this pug from London, United Kingdom, has taken the internet by storm with his penchant for a particular kind of snack. Rather than having the regular dog biscuits or dog food, he likes to eat healthier snacks such as cucumber and yogurt. A video of the pug leaping onto his owner’s lap to gobble up a cucumber slice is going viral on Instagram.

The health-conscious pug has almost 14k followers on Instagram. Also known as ‘Pang Pang The Pug’, he has become something of an internet sensation. His bio on the social media platform reads, “Cute, playful London pug dog. Food lover. Professional snorer. Generous pug kisser.” Take a look at some of the other posts from his Instagram profile, including the cucumber video and many more of his adorable antics.

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From yogurt, to banana to even blueberries – there’s nothing that Pang Pang the pug won’t eat. The little dog’s food choices are truly an inspiration when it comes to eating healthy food. Pang Pang the Pug and his love for fruits and veggies served as an unlikely inspiration for us humans as well!

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