Making crepes at home is quite a fuss-free and easy process.

Crepes make for a great breakfast and look fantastic on the plate. Although, crepes are meant to be eaten for breakfast, they are also popularly served as a snack in various restaurants and food joints. They are not only delicious but also incredibly easy to make. Another reason it stands out as a snack is how you can choose any topping you wish to add to it. As crepes are largely eaten with sweet toppings, you may feel a little guilty to munch on this snack. To help you curb the guilt and to satiate your craving for your favourite crepes, we have found 5 easy and healthy crepe recipes that you can try at home.

Here are 5 super easy and healthy crepe recipes:

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1. No-Flour Crepes

This no-flour crepe is not only low in calories but also keeps you full till your next meal. To make it, mash 2 ripe big bananas and mix well with 2 eggs, some water/milk and some baking powder. Once done, cook it on a non-stick pan and serve with some honey. Honey is a great anti-oxidant but too much is not the best option either. Enjoy your no-flour banana crepes with some amount of honey.

2. Oats Crepes

Oats are considered a very healthy alternative for maida. It works great as a savoury base as well as sweet base. To make these oats crepe, blend some oats in a processor and add an egg and some milk to it. Serve with some maple syrup and enjoy! Your gluten-free crepes are ready!


3. Buckwheat Crepes

Buckwheat also known as Kuttu ka Atta is not only a gluten-free alternative to wheat but is also rich in various nutrients, and is very fibrous. To make these fast-friendly crepes, blend some buckwheat and add some milk and 2 tsp of oil to it. Pour them on a pan and cook. Serve with a berry puree. Mash some strawberries, add some water and cook them in a pan for a few mins. After 3-4 mins, turn off the flame and mix very little sugar in it. Enjoy your Kuttu and strawberry Vrat (fast) crepes!

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4. Whole Wheat Crepes

Whole wheat (atta) is always considered a healthy alternative to refines flour (maida). Atta is higher in nutrients than maida and is also rich in fiber. To make these whole wheat crepes, take a bowl of whole wheat, some baking powder and mix it well with one cup of milk. Spread this mix on the non-stick tawa and let it cook. Serve with some melted dark chocolate syrup and bananas. Your 3-ingredient crepes are ready to munch on!

5. Pink Crepes

Pink crepes are very healthy and will successfully attract attention of kids because of their beautiful colour! Try these pink crepes by adding 1 boiled, peeled and cut beetroot to your crepe mix. Pink crepes can be made with any kind of flours like buckwheat, whole wheat, oats, etc. As beetroot is high in fiber and low in calories, it will surely make your crepes even healthier for almost the same amount of calories. Enjoy this delicious pink delight!

Try these super healthy and mouth-watering crepes and let us know your experience in the comments section below!

Also remember, crepes can be very easily converted into a healthy breakfast or snack. You can also serve these crepes with fruits of your choice or syrups, but remember to pick the ones that are low in sugar. Feel free to try these recipes while making pancake by adjusting the consistency. Happy and healthy snacking!

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