• Rice Dhokla is a delicious and healthy snack
  • It can be prepared within 30 minutes at home
  • The recipe uses simple and easily available ingredients

Gujarati cuisine is home to many delicious savouries and snacks that are traditionally eaten at tea-time. Whether it is a fluffy dhokla, or a crisp Fafda – all these snacks are popularly referred to as ‘Farsaan’ by people of the community. The common thread that runs through most Gujarati snack recipes is that they are usually healthier alternatives to fried savouries offered by other regional cuisines. Dhokla is also one such popular savoury which is steamed, rather than being fried. This automatically makes the dish light and less calorific and ideal for satisfying post-meal hunger cravings in a healthy way.

The famous dhokla is traditionally made with a besan batter and is slightly yellow in colour. The rice dhokla is the rice version of the same prepared with a batter of rice flour, sooji, and yogurt. The rice dhokla is slightly white in colour due to the presence of rice in it, vis-a-vis the original dhokla that has a yellow tinge. The tempering for rice dhokla recipe is made with mustard seeds, curry leaves and whole red chillies. This easy rice dhokla recipe is something you can whip up in less than thirty minutes, which makes it perfect for untimely food cravings.

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vrat wala dhoklaRice dhokla makes for a flavourful and healthy treat. 

It is important to note that the water must be added in small quantities to the batter in order to make it smooth and consistent. The presence of sugar is also essential to the dhokla recipe to add a slight sweetness and neutralise the use of curd in it. The rice dhoklarecipe also has a pinch of asafoetida in it for an additional zing. Remember to add baking soda to the batter right at the end for a fluffier and softer rice dhokla.

Thus, next time you feel hungry, whip out these ingredients and make a delicious, guilt-free Gujarati treat for yourself. This rice dhoklawill become your favourite snack recipe in no time! Click on the video section at the top of the page for the full recipe video. 

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