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There’s hardly anything that a good cup of tea can’t fix! From giving a kick of energy in the morning to relaxing our nerves after a long tiring day – a hot cup of chai can be a quick fix a hectic day. However, if you notice, every chai-lover prefers their tea prepared in a specific way. Some like it light with rich aroma; whereas, several others enjoy it strong with milk and spices. But did you know that different kind of chai needs different variety of tea leaves for preparation? Yes, that’s right!

We bring you some tea leaf options that can help you prepare your favourite cup of strong masala chai or milk tea with utmost perfection.

Here’re 4 Tea Options For You:

Tata Tea Gold

A well-known brand in the tea market, this packet of Tata Tea Gold includes leaves that strike the right balance of strength and aroma in every cup of chai. It makes this packet an ideal choice for brewing both black tea and kadak masala chai.

Editor’s Choice

Red Label Natural Care Tea

If you are someone who prefers to include herbs and spices to your cup of milk tea, then a packet of Red Label Natural Care Tea will be the right choice for you. Alongside premium quality tea leaves, this product includes the goodness of tulsi, ginger and few other medicinal herbs and spices in it.

Versatile Usage

Wagh Bakri Premium Leaf Tea

Another example of fine quality tea leaves, this packet of Wagh Bakri chai is said to be made of leaves, handpicked from selected quality tea gardens of India.

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Amazon Brand – Vedaka Gold Tea

This packet of tea by Amazon exclusive brand Vedaka boasts of a good quality blend of CTC and hand-picked leaves, providing a strong aroma and rich taste with every cup of your masala chai.

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