• Pets are also big foodies as is proved by these viral videos
  • These videos are too adorable to miss
  • From cats to dogs, here are five videos which went viral this week

People have a penchant for food and they display the same on their social media handles. However, we hardly come across pets showcasing their unabashed love for food. Pet videos regularly go viral on the internet as cats and dogs are adulated for their adorable antics. There have been a number of pet videos in recent times that showcase how animals too are ultimately all about the food. These videos feature the pets nibbling at the treats offered by their owners, or simply waiting to be served their meals!

Here Are 5 Adorable Pet Videos That Went Viral For The Love Of Food:

1. Partners In Crime

What’s better than one dog in a video? Three of them! Watch the video to know how these three adorable canines pooled together to get their paws on their favourite snacks.

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2. Corn On The Cob

Corn on the cob is the most favourite snack in monsoon season, and there’s an animal who agrees as well! This cute porcupine nibbling on a corn has gone viral and how.

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3. It’s Dinner Time

This fluffy feline found an efficient way to communicate to its owner that it is hungry and needs food. Watch the video to know what happened next!

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4. Beautiful Birds Bingeing

Cassowaries are one of the most rare birds one could ever have, and this video that encapsulates them being fed makes for a truly addictive watch.

5. Cheese Lover

This hilarious dog named Lola jumped high up in the air to grab a cheese bite from the kitchen counter. And you thought you loved cheese?

This is Lola. She likes cheese. from r/aww

Once you watch these videos, you can’t help but agree that animals too are big foodies. And this very thought leaves an inevitable smile on your face!

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