• One can never resist a bowl of chicken wings
  • Spicy, crispy chicken wings are one of the most popular dishes around
  • Here are 5 easy chicken wings recipes that you can try at home

If there’s one thing a chicken lover cannot ever resist, it is a bucket of hot and crispy chicken wings! And if you are reading this, perhaps you are love them too! Picture your favourite chicken wings, sauteed in spices and sauces or fried to perfection, aren’t you slurping already?! Crispy, spicy and flavourful chicken wings are one of the most ordered dishes in restaurants — and such is the popularity that almost every restaurant have it on their menu.

Indulging into those scrumptious and succulent chicken wings with some flavourful dip on the side is an experience unmatched. Add a chilled drink to go with it, and we might not need anything else! And if you love chicken wings as much as we do, then we have got some of the most delicious chicken wings recipes for you to try at home.

5 Chicken Wings RecipesTo Try At Home

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1. Chilli Garlic Wings

With a few simple ingredients like soya sauce, vinegar and red chilli, tossed with chicken wings and deep-fried to perfection, these classic chilli garlic wings are hard to resist! Find the recipe here.

2. Honey Chicken Wings

A sweet and mildly spicy version of the classic chicken wings, honey chicken wings are perfect for those who like their fried chicken wings to be a balance of sweet, spicy and tangy. Find the recipe here.


3. KFC-Style Chicken Wings

Even though the original recipe might still be a secret that we would never know, here is how we can get close to those mouth-watering and irresistibly delicious chicken wings that the world is crazy for! Find the recipe here.


4. Sticky Tamarind Chicken Wings

Interesting balance of sweet, spicy and absolutely tangy, these chicken wings are dunked in a marinade sauce of soy sauce, tamarind puree, garlic paste, jaggery or honey some ginger, vinegar and lemon juice. The mouth-watering sauce laced all over gives a delicious flavour to the wings. Find the recipe here.


5. Dragon Fire Wings

Marinated chicken roasted and then fried in a pool of barbecue sauce, Asian chilli paste and honey, dragon fire wings are sure to tantalise your taste buds with its fine blend of sweet sauces and chilli undertones. Find the recipe here.

Try these lip-smacking chicken wings at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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