These macaroni recipes are perfect to try during lockown.


  • Mac n cheese is one of the most popular dishes one makes at home.
  • There are many other dishes you can make with macaroni.
  • Here are some macaroni recipes you must try.

Macaroni is the ultimate comfort food for many people across the globe. The small tube-like elbow pasta made with durum wheat can be fashioned into so many different dishes, not just Mac and Cheese; although it still remains our favourite! Macaroni can sit well with any kind of food and ingredient, making it quite a useful food to have in your kitchen. You can cook it to make yourself a healthy meal, or a guilt-ridden indulgent meal, or a quick snack for untimely hunger. All you need is some recipes handy to make your favourite macaroni in no time.

Whether you are in a mood for Indian-style masala macaroni or Italian-like cheesy meal, or a simple quick macaroni dish, pick your recipe out of these interesting options and get down to cooking it right away.

5 Easy Macaroni Recipes You Can Make At Home:

1. Mac And Cheese

It would be utterly unfair to leave this dish out of the list. Mac and cheese is the classic, most popular macaroni dish that can actually be credited for making this food a global hit.

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mac n cheese

Mac & cheese is the ideal comfort food. 
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2. Mushroom Mac and Cheese

Give a slight spin to the regular Mac and cheese by adding mushrooms to it. The healthy veggie will add an element of nutrition as well its natural creaminess as well.

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3. Baked Macaroni

Cheesy, tangy macaroni with a hint of smokiness – sound delicious! This recipe is made with a batter of milk, maida and butter, in which macaroni is dropped and topped with cheese and tomato slices, before baking it.

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4. Masala Macaroni

To whet your ‘desi’ appetite, this Indian-style masala macaroni is just what you should make. Macaroni cooked with onion-tomato paste with a host of Indian spices makes for a perfect spicy meal.

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Make masala macaroni with lots of spices for Indian-style meal.

5. Macaroni Casserole

Cook your favourite meat in tomato puree and spices, mix it with macaroni and bake it in the oven. Here is a recipe that makes fried bacon and macaroni with tomatoes.

Click here for full recipe.

Make these interesting macaroni dishes to suit your varied moods. We are sure you’ll love each one of these. If you have more macaroni recipes our readers can try, please share with us in the comments section below.

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