There is a very famous quote of Rabindranath Tagore – ‘Come, oh come ye tea-thirsty restless ones – the kettle boils, bubbles and sings, musically’. Well, this is what you are likely to experience when you put a teaspoon of your favourite tea in the teapot and pour hot water over it. Drinking tea is like a ceremony in many parts of the world, especially Japan and China. Camellia Sinensis – or commonly known as ‘tea’ has many medicinal properties and benefits.

Tea has fascinated the world for over 5000 years, and today green tea is immensely popular for its health benefits. There are so many varieties and flavours of teas to choose from, nowadays. If green tea impressed you, floral tea is going to blow your mind.


Here are four classic floral teas which you should try:

1. Fujian Jasmine Pearls Green Tea –

Drop the delicately rolled jasmine pearls in a pot and pour hot water over it. Watch the pearls unfurl into the whole leaf. The room gets filled with the aroma of fresh jasmine. The light fragrance of jasmine is so soothing to the senses. The first sip is refreshing, the taste of young jasmine has a lovely mouthfeel and has a sweet after taste. The aroma and taste of jasmine are perfect and not very overpowering.


2. Rose Green Tea –

A classic blend of green tea and young dried rose petals. It has a beautiful pinkish liquor; in the first sip you get a bouquet of flavours, predominantly rose, followed by the fresh taste of green tea. It leaves a sweet aftertaste in the mouth.

3. Hibiscus Tea –

For those who love a tangy taste, this tea has a distinct citrusy flavour with a clean palate of green tea. The colour of the liquor is bright ruby-like. Hibiscus green tea can be brewed hot or cold. The one thing it surely does is it refreshes you instantly.


4. Lavender Green Tea –

An exotic green tea, the young lavender buds have a subtle and refreshing aroma which is gentle on the senses. The floral bouquet has a fresh and earthy taste which calms you immediately.

5. Chamomile Tea –

It is the oldest herbal tea and has got the fancy of all tea lovers. Did you know that people consume more than a million cups every day? Chamomile is an ancient herb which has been around for centuries. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used it for its healing properties. The liquor has an aroma of fresh fragrant chamomile, and it has mellow, natural sweet notes with an uplifting aroma that calms the senses and spirits.


Did you know that Tagore used to visit Selim Hill, a tea garden in Darjeeling? Selim Hill produces exceptional quality Organic Darjeeling Tea and Green Tea. I wonder if the monsoons and Darjeeling tea inspired his beautiful quote.

About Author: Shikha Puri is the co-founder of Teacupsfull – a premium tea brand and tea boutique in Gurugram.


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