These hummus recipe ideas can used to make different chickpea dips.


  • Hummus made with chickpeas is a popular dip paired with pita bread.
  • Here are some ideas to make different varieties of chickpea dips.
  • Use this dips to go with your chips, fries and other snacks.

Pita bread with hummus is a perfect combo for snacking when you want something delicious yet satiating. Hummus is a velvety dip made of chickpeas (kabuli chana) flavoured with just a couple of more ingredients. The easy-to-make hummus can be used not just as an accompaniment for pita bread, it can be used in numerous other ways. This flavourful dip with an appealing nutty taste can be paired with chips, fries, or used as a sandwich spread; and if you want to get experimental, use it make tacos, rolls and what not!

Simple chickpea hummus is an excellent dip in itself but you can spin the recipe to make different varieties of it. Make it tangy, spicy, healthier – there are endless ways you can make your own hummus with the flavours you want.

5 Different Kinds Of Chickpea Dips (Hummus) You Can Make:

1. Classic Hummus

The regular hummus dip can never be too boring. It is a simple recipe made by combining boiled chickpeas, tahini sauce made with sesame seeds, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Make a thick paste of all the things together and top it with olives and red chilli flakes. Click here for classic hummus recipe.

2. Chana And Rajma Hummus

Make this high-protein hummus with the most popular legumes of rajma and chana by boiling and mashing them together. You can also add other spices like garam masala and coriander powder to the mix, and make the dip to go with your Indian meals.

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Add rajma to make protein-rich chickpea dip. 

3. Spicy Masala Hummus

To suit your ingrained appetite for ‘masaledar’ food, add whole red chillies and chana masala to the hummus recipe and make a hot spicy dip for your munchies and snacks.

4. Tangy Hummus

You must have guessed it already! Yes, add in the tanginess of tomatoes to the classic hummus recipe by blanching and grinding tomatoes with all the ingredients. The new exciting flavour of tangy hummus will be a welcome change.

5. Beetroot Hummus

The bright pink beetroot vegetable is loaded with nutrients. Chop it, roast it and add it to the hummus mixture to make this colourful and flavourful dip. Want to make it? Try this beetroot hummus recipe.

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beetroot hummus

Beetroot hummus is great in taste and full of nutrition. 

Create your own kind of hummus and bring variety to your snacking menu. All these chickpea-based dips will still complement your pita bread but we know you’ll be tempted to use it in all possible different ways, so go ahead and do it!

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