The picture of the puff pastry went viral on social media.


  • Twitter user shared the picture of a puff pastry from his freezer
  • This puff pastry was expired in March 1995
  • The dessert made from it still turned out delicious

If there’s one thing that the lockdown has taught everyone, it is the art of making best out of everything. Whether it is the age-old chocolates lying in buried deep in of our fridge, or even some spices which we barely used – the lockdown is helping us make maximum use of these now. We are now digging deep into our fridges and freezer to eke out the maximum use out of whatever is available to us. One such expedition to take out unused items from the freezer led to an unexpected results.

A man from Ireland has shared the picture of a 25-year-old puff pastry that his mother had stored in their freezer. The expiry date on the packet read ‘March 95’ much to the collective shock of the internet. Take a look:

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Michael Patrick shared the picture of the packet of puff pastry from his freezer on Twitter. His tweet soon went viral on the micro-blogging website, with over 100k likes and 17k retweets. The frozen puff pastry was taken out of the freezer by his mother, and actually used in cooking too with surprisingly delicious results. Take a look at some more tweets in the viral Twitter thread.

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So even though the apple dessert pastry was made with a 25-year old pastry puff as base, it actually turned out to be perfectly normal in its taste. If you had any doubts about freezing as a preservation process, this Twitter thread will completely dispel them.

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