rom barfi to halwa, from kheer to rasgulla – the list of Indian sweets is endless


  • Besan ka ladoo is a common Indian sweetmeat
  • Kheer is one of India’s festive staple
  • You can make mishti doi at home as well

We talk about Indian food and talk in length about our rich curries and stews, however, no discussion of Indian food can ever be complete without the mention of our deserts. From barfi to halwa, from kheer to rasgulla – the list is endless and extensive. How do we pick a favourite and on what counts? If you ask us, we have no answer either. There are days we crave for super rich and intricate sweetmeats, and then there are days we simply want a quick-fix for our sweet cravings. For days like these, we have compiled a list of our all-tie favourite sweets that could be prepared in no time. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Here Are 5 Quick And Yummy Indian Desserts You Can Try:

1.Besan Ladoo

 If you think making ladoos is a tough job? Let us present to you delicious besan ka ladoo recipe that you can make at home. It is easy, fool-proof and too delicious to refuse.


2. Basundi

This silky, smooth dessert is packed with goodness of saffron, pistachios and other dry fruits. This milky treat is similar to rabdi, and is always a delight to bite into!

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3. Kheer

A festive favourite, kheer is easily one of the most popular Indian desserts of all times. The best part about the milk and rice pudding is the room it offers to experiment. You can throw in nuts, dry fruits, saffron, rose essence, chocolate etc.

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4. Mysore Pak

This 3-ingredient, melt-in-mouth sweet has fans across the country. In addition to the texture, people also love the flavour of besan and ghee together. Make sure you are not stingy with ghee, as that lends the dessert its velvety texture.

mysore pak

5. Mishti Doi

This sweetened curd preparation from Bengal is originally served in earthen pots. Back in the day, much before the advent of refrigerator, these earthen pots helped keep the yogurt chilled. Mishti doi is a popular summer delicacy, and sweetened by jaggery. Jaggery helps lend a delicious richness to the dessert, which refine sugar never can.

Try this recipes at home and let us know which ones you enjoyed the best. We would love to hear your thoughts!

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