• Besan is also known as gram flour
  • Besan ka chila is a staple Indian breakfast in many households
  • Pakodas are often made with besan batter

There are so many kind of flours in our kitchen, that it is often becomes a task for a novice to distinguish one from the other. However, even those who have recently started cooking, it is easy to locate besan or chickpea flour. Why, you ask? Mainly because  besan not only has a distinct pale yellow hue and powdery texture, but it is also one of the most widely used flours in Indian kitchens. We can have besan-based delicacies for breakfast , lunch and dinner and not get bored. Besan is made by grinding chickpeas into a fine flour, which makes it replete with protein as well. Besan is one of the most preferred flours to rustle up some quick snacks, and here are some fine examples.

5 Quick Snacks You Can Make Using Besan:

1. Besan ka chila

The desi pancake or crepe made with a smooth besan batter and spices is one the most iconic Indian breakfasts of all times. You can throw anything in your batter – right from chillies, onions and finely chopped tomatoes to coriander – and make your chila as wholesome as you want. You can also use interesting fillings for your chila like paneer.

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2. Pyaaz Pakoda

You saw this coming, didn’t you? Crispy batter-fried onion fritters are the best company to our evening tea. Serve with mint chutney and a sprinkling of chaat masala, and you have with yourself a winner!

3. Beguni

No Bengali spread can ever be complete without this unique fritter made with eggplant coated in besan batter. This crispy and golden-brown snack bursting with melt-in-mouth contents is sure to blow you over.

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4. Besani Mirch

 You can call it mirch ka pakoda. These green chillies filled with eclectic gram flour mixture are fried crisp. The fiery snack is incredibly popular in parts of Rajasthan. You can include it in your list of evening snacks. This will definitely make chai-time worth the wait.

5. Khandvi

The Gujarati marvel that has earned fans across the globe now, is super easy to make at home. The tiny roll-ups made with silky besan batter is a hit across seasons.

khandvi 625

Try these yummy and super easy snacks at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below. We would love to know about all that you have been cooking nowadays. Don’t forget to share picture and recipes with us in the comments.

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